12 April 2010

No Strings Attached

This week i want to talk about No Strings Attach
What means??
Is means...
"No special demands or limits that you have to accept"
sometimes used in the form with string attached (with special demands or limits): Many special offers come with strings attached, so be aware of this before you buy.

Now days
Without internet i cant chat with my family and my dear..
Without internet i cant blogging n facebook....
Without internet i cant access to the outside word...
Conclusion i cant without P1WiMAX ...haha.....

Why i choose P1WiMax?

P1 Wimax is offering me No Strings Attached Plan that comes with Free Modem. And
gives me speedy and instant satisfaction, fulfill you broadband needs
with no contracts and no restrictions.

With this no strings attached and ultra fast Internet speedy modem,

I can online at


After using P1WiMax i can bring my laptop at anywhere anytime to surfing internet with no restriction

With P1 Wimax I can surfing internet in my

Hostel Room


Lab & Class Room


Actually Toilet also is my surfing spot...lol...My top Secret surfing spot..shi....Dun tell other!!

Just tell other friend must order P1 Wimax WIGGY back home to enjoy the surprise surfing speed!!!

What is meant by “No Contract”?
Customers are not bound by any contract. The customer may decide to terminate the service at any time by giving P1 30 days’ notice. There is no penalty fee to end this service.

Do I need to return the rental modem when I decide to terminate the service?
A: Yes, the modem is on rental basis which means that the modem is the sole property of P1. When the customer decides to terminate the service, the customer needs to return the modem at P1’s designated collection locations. The customer will receive RM50 Modem return rebate for returning the modem to P1.

Is the 7-day Cooling Off Period applicable to these plans?

A: Yes, the 7-day Cooling Off Period is applicable. Within 7 days from the registration, customers can decide to terminate the service and return the rented modem. P1 will refund the full upfront RM100 payment back to customer.

What is the modem rental?
Under this plan, the WIGGY modem is provided for customers to use on a rental basis. The rental fee is FREE at this moment.

WIGGY is the next revolution in mobile broadband. Surf at true broadband speeds with up to 10 Mbps while you’re out and about in P1 W1MAX covered areas.

It Just insert WIGGY into your notebook and you’re good to go!

Thanks You P1WiMax

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