31 May 2010

Penang Durian and Fruits Festival 2010

Date: 1st to 30th June 2010
Location: Anjung Indah, Balik Pulau, Penang
Time: 11am to 6pm daily

The whole month of June, satisfy your tastebuds with the legendary kinds of Penang's famous, 'Ang He','Hor lor'and more at the Penang.
Durian Festival from 1st till 30th June 2010! Stuff yourself with Penang's range of favourite Durian flavours at Anjung Indah, Balik Pulau from 11am till 6pm daily as a number of stalls from famous Durian estates will exhibit their prized Durians for a whole month.Bring friends and families and judge for yourself on the irresistible fragrant Penang Durian types available. You have not truly experience Penang till you have tasted the rage of the King of Fruits, only here in Penang! They're not called King of Fruits for nothing! A fair entirely dedicated to the most notorious fruit, satisfy your tastebuds with the legendary kinds of Penang's famous, 'Ang He', 'Hor' and more! You have not truly experience Penang till you have tasted the rage of the King of Fruits, only here in Penang!

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26 May 2010

I win the "Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest"

Lolz....Very surprise when i saw the winner list on Facebook Project Alpha. Im the winner on Day 13??Yes..yeah!!yeah!!My dear also 1 of the winner!We can get the Adidas,ruumz and P1 voucher!haha....After that i received e-mail form nuffang tell me can collect the prize at Nuffnang office! But i dun know how to go there...lolzz....any1 know how to go there?

25 May 2010

My Wiggy Design (Design your ideal Wiggy)

This is my design for wiggy. This is the house shape wiggy, i name it as "Go Green Wiggy", Go Green + Wiggy = Go green wiggy".The purpose of this wiggy is to remind all people go green and save the earth.

Where to start go green?


21 Easy Green Tips

  1. Use non-toxic art supplies. Many paints and art products use asthma-inducing chemicals. Let your budding artiste make masterpieces with non-toxic supplies like veggie-based paint for art that screams like Munch, but smells like Monet's garden.

  2. Head to the dump. Each of us creates 4.6 pounds of trash per day, and 55% goes to landfills (the other 45% is recycled or incinerated).Take kids to see where their trash goes post-can.

  3. Swap maternity and kids products. The average cost of raising a kid 'til age 2 can top $13,430. Trade with friends instead of buying all new stuff.

  4. Use safe bottles. Many baby and adult water bottles are made from plastic that contains the toxin bisphenol A (BPA). Opt for BPA-free bottles to avoid toxins in the body and in the environment.

  5. Throw eco-friendly parties. Mylar balloons take hundreds of years to biodegrade; latex, about six months. Pesticide-free treats like organic cake is important, since kids' bodies are still developing and they consume more than adults relative to their body weight.

  6. Ditch disposable diapers. Babies go through about 2,500 diapers; cloth diapers washed at home cost RM0.10 per use, while disposables cost about RM0.70 each. Disposable diapers produce at least 70 times more waste than cloth diapers, and Americans trash 18 billion diapers each year. Conventional diapers are also more irritating to baby skin. Not into cloth? Some new diapers offer convenient inserts that break down in 150 days or fewer (versus 500 years for standard disposable ones).

  7. De-lead lunch boxes. Many seemingly practical, reusable lunchboxes are often laden with PVC and toxic levels of lead, which can contaminate the food. Opt for reusable, lead-free alternatives.

  8. Turn off water while brushing. Turning off the water between rinses can save at least two gallons in one brushing session.

  9. Pay bills online. It's usually free, and you'll never miss another payment. If all U.S. households viewed and paid bills electronically, we'd save 18.5 million trees and 15.8 billion gallons of water per year. Plus, save up to RM498 per year on stamps.

  10. Sniff organic flowers. When you inhale the scent of nonorganic flowers, you're probably inhaling some poisonous chems as well.

  11. Don't trash your meds. When we flush meds down drains or send them to landfills, they make their way into rivers and even drinking water. Take unused meds to your next pharmacy visit.

  12. Zap phantom loads. 40% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while they're turned off. Plug devices into power strips and switch off each night.

  13. Buy local. It's fresher: Produce shipped from outside the country travels up to two weeks before it arrives in grocery stores. Plus it takes 4-17 times less oil to produce local food compared to nonlocal.

  14. Exercise outside. Gyms overload on A/C, and most of those training machines use electricity too.

  15. Stop junk mail. It consumes more energy than 2.8 million cars every year and uses100 million trees annually. Americans waste about 8 hours per year dealing with junk mail.

  16. Check your tire pressure. Increase your gas mileage by keeping your tires properly inflated -- which also keeps 383 lbs of CO2 out of the air each year.

  17. Light soy candles. Make sure the wax in your candles is veggie-based and petroleum-free. The oil byproducts in most candles can't hold a flame to options like soy, since they burn longer and take less of a toll on the planet.

  18. Compost your garbage. Keep biodegradable food waste out of landfills with easy in-home gadgets.

  19. Use cloth napkins. Americans use an average of 2,200 paper napkins per person per year. It's actually cheaper to throw cloth napkins in the wash than to buy paper ones.

  20. Drive efficiently. At 45mph and above, save gas by rolling your windows up and cranking the AC.

  21. Clean your lint filter. Reduce fire hazard, increase dryer efficiency, and save money.

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24 May 2010

Beware The Flu

Do u know the different of flu and cool?
Click on the picture to know more now!

“Promote influenza awareness in Malaysia with the intent to improve the prevention and control of influenza.”

Anti Porn software?

Ya!is a anti porn software!is a software blocker (or "internet filtering and blocking software") that protect your kids from inappropriate websites.First time heard this type of software.
Nowdays the porn website is many like mushroom after raining(translate from chinese...lolz)!It can help you to protect your children away from porn and also block some nonsense picture!Is a quiet good software.
You can try the software on http://www.tueagles.com:81/anti-porn/

23 May 2010

Start to hacking now!! Hacker Evolution: Untold

Everydays go class study blar blar...boring rite?Today i want to introduce a new games!I playing this games..is very cool!!!!You have to be able to hack as many servers as possible. It's not easy :)I very like it..This games is set in a virtual operating system environment, and the game is packed with all the features required to bring the hacker feeling and experience to every gamer!!!I think can train me to a pro hacker...lolzzz....actually the concept behind Hacker Evolution is to create a game that challenges the gamer's intelligence, attention and focus, creating a captivating mind game. Solve puzzles, examine code and bits of information, to help you achieve your objectives.Fast to try it now!!!i no time to chat with u now...i want start hacking..lolzzz...

A fake statement in my Ewarga account..

Click on the picture to see more clear

This statement is for claim my medic cost from UKM, but i feel weird is "pelajar A123990 & A125262"?why they put metric number A123990 with my metric number together?is means A123990 claim the same medic cost and same type with me?is a nonsense statement..

Click on the picture to see more clear

This is the another funny statement they make. I want claim back my medic cost is total RM76. The amount i want claim back is correct.But why they first in RM45 then after that in RM78.50 to my account.Then total up is RM123.5, is more than the money i want claim back.But after that u can see the RM47.50 is deduce the RM123.5 to RM76, that the correct cost i wan to claim back...
Is very funny rite?
Overall all the funny statement I think is the UKM staff write the fake amount claim from kewangan UKM. After that the staff keep the exceed money in pocket. The mistake happen twice..especially the ghost metric number in my statement!funny rite?lolzzzz...
They eat money u never know...

22 May 2010

R8y™ Tips - Test Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Halo..everyone!2day i will talking about Facebook's privacy mess for days now. We all know the story, right? Privacy controls are broken, everyone's getting irritated , Facebook's not too concerned , blah flippidy-freakin' blah.

Don't get me wrong: That's all important information. What's been lacking all this time, though, is a simple fix -- an easy way to make sure your personal Facebook data is actually protected. Sure, you could go on a scavenger hunt to find Facebook's 170-plus privacy options scattered throughout a dozen diiferent pages. But even then, you're likely to miss something in the virtual labyrinth the company's created.

Today, there's a better way. Behold: the one-stop privacy fix-up tool for your Facebook profile.

The Facebook Privacy Scanner
The tool is called ReclaimPrivacy, and its name pretty much tells you what you need to know. Using it is simple: Just surf over to ReclaimPrivacy.org and look for the link that says "Scan for Privacy." Add that link as a bookmark in your browser, either by dragging it onto a bookmark toolbar or by right-clicking it and selecting the "Bookmark" option.

Now head over to Facebook. Sign into your account, then open the bookmarked link.

This will cause ReclaimPrivacy's Facebook privacy scanner to open right at the top of your current Facebook window. Within a few seconds, ReclaimPrivacy will scan through six areas of potential privacy concern and let you know how your account stacks up.

ReclaimPrivacy analyzes everything from your personal information controls to your " instant personalization" settings. It even checks account settings that affect what your friends could inadvertently share about you without your knowledge.


  1. Drag this link to your web browser bookmarks bar: Scan for Privacy
  2. Go to your Facebook privacy settings and then click that bookmark once you are on Facebook.
  3. You will see a series of privacy scans that inspect your privacy settings and warn you about settings that might be unexpectedly public.
For each area, ReclaimPrivacy will give you a green ("good"), yellow ("caution"), or red ("insecure") ranking. If you hit yellow or red, it'll provide you with specific steps to fix the problem so you don't have to waste time searching for the right setting.

17 May 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Most of the heavy favorites have already qualified for the World Cup in South Africa. Previous World Cup winners such as Brazil, Germany, England, Argentina and Italy (also current WC Winners) all booked their spot in South Africa following a long and arduous road. Some teams such as Argentina have struggled while others such as England have cruised, yet the World Cup stage is a different playing field and previous results will not count. The only two teams with an outside chance that have yet to qualify are France and Portugal while the Spaniards have impressed in their group following their 2008 triumph in Europe.

Spain cannot be overlooked due to its rich talent, in particular the likes of David Villa, Xavi Herndandez and Fernando Torres among others. Other than Spain, the English national team under Italian Coach Fabio Capello had an impressive tally of points after convincingly navigating the qualifying group stage. Capello can count on the likes of Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, and Steven Gerrard to carry England all the way into the final stages.

The Brazilians and the Germans as well as the Italians often perform their best when it matters most. Brazil has a plethora of talent beginning with current Real Madrid star Kaka and stretching to right-back Maicon who plays for Inter Milan. The Italians are current World Cup holders so there will be additional pressure on the Azzurri to perform following a relatively uninspiring qualifying campaign. It will be wrong to undermine Italy’s chances when considering that Gianluigi Buffon is recapturing his best form which had him labeled as the best custodian in the world while Daniele De Rossi remains a considerable driving force in the midfield engine room.

While Argentina had a horrendous sequence of results before securing qualification in the very last match, it is not wise to exclude the Argentines from the list of potential winners though Diego Maradona as a coach has shown over and again that he not only lacks the know-how but also is clueless when it comes to strategies, team selection and tactics. After all, Argentina still has Lionel Messi though he continues to underperform when compared to his exploits with Barcelona.

Will one of the traditional powers (i.e. Brazil, Germany or Italy) or will an emerging nation (Spain and England) or a new rising team (Ivory Coast) triumph in South Africa? For the record no European team has ever won outside Europe and the trend could very well continue if Brazil performs up to expectations or perhaps a surprising African package rises to the occasions just as the South Koreans did in Asia 2002 when they made it to the semi-finals.

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13 May 2010

How Many Wiggies?

How Many Wiggies?
My Answer : 220

Below is episode of 22-25! Enjoy>,<>

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