16 January 2011

www.raysolution.co.cc is Launching now....

09 September 2010

Lime Sour Plum 桔子酸梅

Name : Lime Sour Plum 桔子酸梅 (kat zhai suen mu)
Price : RM6.00 (1 box 20pcs)
Contact : babyseanna_1988@hotmail.com
Payment : bank in or cash
Shipping : Delivery in kajang, bangi , UKM (University Kebangsaan Malaysia), Seri Petaling and Bukit Jalil area.

This is what you need if you are feeling full and sore throat, this drink is juicy. Lime sour plum juice is what you need!How to prepare a cup of freshing and cooling Lime Sour Plum or "kat zhai suen mui" with tis lime sour plum ?

Ingredients : 1 Lime Sour Plum + water + ice (if wan more sour add more lime sour plum!)

1. Soak the lime sour plums in hot water for about 3 minutes
2. Add in some ice
3.Can drink already!Simple and easy!

27 August 2010

Annoying "adserving" advertisement pop up from Blog!

Recently i curious why every times open my blog also will pop up annoying advertisement which is the http://adserving.cpxinteractive.com. I’m also thinking about my visitors who get pissed off by the unwanted pop-ups brought about by my site but thankfully, it is not anything harmful. After ask Mr Google then i only know the culprit is the cbox!

If you use the free cbox will pop up advertisment from cbox!OMG....USD2.00 if wan use the premium cbox, is quiet expensive for me...I doesn’t earn much from my site..Hrm..i planing to change my chat box..Looking for a new chatbox...

21 August 2010

Win yourself a trip to Dublin to visit the St James Gate brewery!


  1. Study the illustration carefully. Print it out from www.arthursday.com.my if you have to.
  2. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get hints.
  3. Each hint is tied to an element in the illustration. Pairing them together correctly will give you an answer – a fact related to Arthur Guinness and his creation. There are
    40 facts in total.
  4. Example: The hint given is “How far Arthur saw into the future”. The illustration element that goes with the hint is a shop with '9K' as its lot number and a sign saying it's leased. The answer is “9,000-year lease”.
  5. Compile all your answers and email them to contest@arthursday.com.my with your name, IC no., and mobile no. before Sunday, 19 Sept, 11:59pm.
  6. Entries will be judged on the number of correct answers and time of submission.


    Trip to Dublin and a pair of Arthur’s Day Mosh Pit tickets worth RM 350 each

    Consolation Prizes – A pair of Arthur’s Day White Zone tickets worth RM 98 each
    The next 15 fastest submissions with the most correct answers will win a pair of Arthur’s Day White Zone tickets.

    Weekly Prizes – A pair of Arthur’s Day Mosh Pit tickets worth RM 350 each
    Answer all ‘clues of the week’ as released on Facebook or Twitter correctly before the end of the week to win weekly prizes!

    Week 1 contest period: 23 Aug – 29 Aug
    Week 2 contest period: 30 Aug – 5 Sept
    Week 3 contest period: 6 Sept – 12 Sept
    Week 4 contest period: 13 Sept – 19 Sept

My favorite wallpaper "Eyesore"

24 June 2010

My woof woof "EGO 3nity" Keep The Music Rock!!!

This is my White Wooooof wooof Speaker "EGO 3nity!!!I buy from Lau Yat since my second year 1st sem!!The price is tat time is RM69!!Is quiet cheaper..Now is RM 5+ like tat!!The sound for the speaker i give 8/10!!The bad about this speaker is the sound not clear when watching movie..The sound good on music!!!This Woof woof keep rock for my study life!!!

The prize i won from Rumz Daily Contest!

This is all the prize i won from Ruumz Daily Contest!!I won four days. Actually i help my girl friend won two days and and i won two days too and different days winner will have different prize. The prize have Adidas action 3, Rummz notebooks, 15 Malaysia T-shirt, Cap, and P1 Wimax beg. I saw the another winner get Ruumz Pillow!!!hoho.....I wan it too...Bt unlucky i get this all only...haiz....bt anyways thanks to my best frends for helping me and thankz to nuffnang and Rummz!!!!And is my first time go to nuffnang office!!!Good experience...haha....