18 April 2010

1 daily question. 5 daily winners. 50 days. 3 Grand Prizes!Faster to get your prize now...


How to participate

From 19 April till 7 June 2010, tune in to watch the Project Alpha Season 2 and answer a question a day and 5 daily winners will walk away with exciting prizes from Adidas, P1 and ruumz!

That's not all.

Answer all 50 daily questions and 3 people with the highest amount of correct answers will win the Grand Prize!
If you have missed out on the earlier questions, don't fret. You can still submit your answers in the section above for a shot at the Grand Prizes!

Follow these simple steps to take part:
Step 1:Join ruumz or login to your account
Step 2: Key in your answer to the daily questions in the space above and click submit.
Step 3: Check back daily to watch the show and answer the questions

Important to note :
* A new daily question will be revealed at 12.O1AM each day throughout the duration of the contest beginning 19 April 2010
* 5 daily winners will be selected based on every 10th correct entry for that day
Get cracking on the questions now! The prizes are too good to be given a miss!
To get all the latest updates and participate in Project Alpha discussions, join the Project Alpha ruumz group at projectalphagroup.ruumz.com
Read the contest Terms & Conditions here.

Question of the Day on 19 April 2010

DAY 1: In episode 1, what is the colour of the hat that Sixthseal is wearing?
ANSWER : hints in the video


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