19 April 2010

My version of grooming tips!

Grooming grooming.....2day i would like to talk my version of grooming tips!Sound look interested rite?haha..Nowdays everyday also need work....work and work....no time to think how to grooming...2day i will lik to talk grooming tips for working people....

Dressing for success includes more than just choosing the right outfit. To complete your professional look you must also consider accessories and personal grooming.

Simple, But Important Grooming Tips for working people...

1. Perfumes, Scents, and Odors in the Workplace: Do not let the first impression you make about yourself be your personal scent preferences! Avoid wearing perfume and heavily-scented products in all business settings. You might like them, but they have no place in a business environment. Scents can trigger asthma, overpower a room, and are often more offensive than pleasing to others.The best choice is use Adidas Action 3, it quiet suitable for us. The smell not too strong..For me is using Adidas Action 3...The Best choice for me...

2. How to Present Professional Looking Fingernails and Hands: Nails should be clean, and trimmed or sculpted. Avoid wearing unusual or shocking nail colors. Nail art and nail jewels are not acceptable for business meetings.

3. Hairstyling Tips for working people: Style should be neat and conservative, and preferably off the face. With few exceptions, hair color should not be shocking or unusual.

4. Business Makeup Advice: Keep it simple and appropriate for daytime. Wearing no makeup at all is almost as bad as wearing too much makeup.

5. Appropriate Jewelry : Jewelry should not be noisy (no metal bangle bracelets), too large, or costume jewelry. Keep earrings small, simple, and above the earlobe.

Demonstrating that you care about your personal appearance communicates to the person you are meeting with that they are important to you. Paying attention to the details of your appearance sends a message to others that you will also pay close attention to business details, and the needs of your customers and clients.

Enjoy the grooming 2day...

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