05 April 2010

My Favourite Sport

I am going to write about 6 favorite sports. Because I love sports. My mom said it is very healthy when we play lots of sports. My favorite Sports are hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf and riding bicycle. Know I will describe my favorite 6 sports.

My favorite sport is hockey. I started hockey when I was 8 years old. I didn't know how to shoot and run. Now I am brave and I can do anythings. We can say hockey is the best sports in ever. Because we can make strong and make better team work. Sometimes we gets punishment, but I just don't care about that, because teacher is trying to teach me well. But the bad things in hockey is little bit dangerous and make people don't grow.

My second favorite sport is basketball. Because I like running sports and shooting in the basket. Basketball make people grow alot. We jump alot and make people grow. In basketball when we score, it can be 3 points or 2 points or 1 points, Because the place I shoot is different. When we shoot faraway from basket, we gets 3 points. We can get 2 points when we do layup. 1point is for dunkshoot. Sometimes when we push somebody, we will get free shoot. This is why I love basketball.

Third sport that I like is soccer. I like to watch and play. We have to be strong, because we have to run very fast and kick the ball very hard. Hockey and soccer have lots of contrast. We play soccer in very big place and play in the grass. Hockey play in the ice and it is to hard to balance in the ice. We have tool to shoot the ball. We have protaction to. One thing that soccer is good is we can rest alot in soccer field, but hockey is not. Hockey rink is very small and we have to move very fast and pass very fast. Soccer field have lots of space to play and easy to pass and we can run very well. I think socce is very good sport to play.

Next is hiking in jungle . Hiking is very adventure sport. we have to concentrate when we walk in the jungle. But inside the jungle you will see there are lots of tree, insect,flower .Can enjoy the natural!!!Is very amazing and fun.

Golf is very quiet sport. when we say something when somebody is playing , he will be mad. He can not concentrate. I think golf is fighting with concentrate. In first time of golf, I was talking alot. But know I know how to play golf. I like golf, because it is quiet sport.But I don't like to watch in TV. It is to boring.

I like to ride bicycle. I like to ride in the hill. When I go fast, My feeling is good. I am riding bicycle for fun. My mom said bicycle is good for diet. Our leg will be strong. We can control the speed and it is so fun.

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Nicholas C said...

Bro you in Project Alpha izzit? Good luck!!

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