01 March 2010

Love Drunk Music Album - R8y™ March Recommend Album

Love Drunk is the second studio album recorded by rock/pop band Boys Likes Girls

The album was recorded half in New York City and Vancouver because there are "two different producers/production teams, two different environments, and two different styles of inspiration", stated by the band's frontman, Martin Johson .

Track Listing:

01. Heart Heart Heartbreak
02. Love Drunk
03. She's Got A Boyfriend Now
04. Two Is Better Than One (Featuring Taylor Swift) - R8y™ Recommend
05. Contagious 3:22
06. Real Thing 3:23
07. Someone Like You 4:01
08. The Shot Heard Round The World
09. The First One
10. Chemicals Colllide
11. Go
12. Love Drunk (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
13. Love Drunk (Mark Hoppus Remix) (Bonus Track)


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