24 January 2010

PLease Beware!!! MSN Spams!!!

Due to the popularity of these ‘reveal me the secret’ web application, we’re beginning to see the rise of various numbers of ‘Check who has block or deleted you from their MSN Messenger’ websites.

For those that are not familiar with these sorts of programs, please be cautious when it comes to giving out your password to strangers especially unknown websites. I believe once a person reveals his/her password, the web application would systematically harvest all of the contacts from his/her msn list and start spamming unwanted messages to your friends and family. This can be seen in the form of ‘Find out who deleted you’ message that you received from a friend and a link to the website.

I can’t be sure to what extend these websites uses the information harvested from your msn, but I notice whenever a friend of mine took part in these programs, there is a sudden increase of spams in my inbox, it is likely that these web applications harvested my email from my friends and sold it to spammers. My advice is, do give it a try if you’re really curious about it, once you’re done toying with the web application, do change your email password.


Tekkaus said...

This happened to me too the other day. We really have to be careful nowadays. :(

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