23 January 2010

Gangster City - The latest Facebook game by Playfish

This is what it means to be a real gangster. If they're mean, you need to be meaner. If they're tough, you need to be tougher. If they hit you you need to hit them right back so hard they don't get up. You need a sharp suit, the most tricked out wheels in the district and a whole lot of friends to back you up. You need to run missions for the mob that make Delta Force look like kindergarten. You need to get neck deep in the enemy territory and come out covered in blood. Theirs, not yours. You need a city to make your own and the people who walk its streets to get on their knees and call you king. But most of all you need guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Night club, Motel, Cafe, bars are properties that you can invest to gain stable revenue for cash

You can earning experience by doing job.

This is the shop where you purchased you weapon for your quests.

This is my own individual status chart.Level 3 now...haha...jz start play>.<


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