09 September 2010

Lime Sour Plum 桔子酸梅

Name : Lime Sour Plum 桔子酸梅 (kat zhai suen mu)
Price : RM6.00 (1 box 20pcs)
Contact : babyseanna_1988@hotmail.com
Payment : bank in or cash
Shipping : Delivery in kajang, bangi , UKM (University Kebangsaan Malaysia), Seri Petaling and Bukit Jalil area.

This is what you need if you are feeling full and sore throat, this drink is juicy. Lime sour plum juice is what you need!How to prepare a cup of freshing and cooling Lime Sour Plum or "kat zhai suen mui" with tis lime sour plum ?

Ingredients : 1 Lime Sour Plum + water + ice (if wan more sour add more lime sour plum!)

1. Soak the lime sour plums in hot water for about 3 minutes
2. Add in some ice
3.Can drink already!Simple and easy!


jolene said...

why no my area wan..?

Ray Yeap said...

haha...jolene where u stay?

Nick said...

why no my area oso? hahaha..

babybear said...

aiya....ck....sure got ur area de...
dun worry....keke

Eagle Chou said...

You made this by yourself! Cool! And u r a boy!Thank you so much for sharing. I have played Runescape for many years ever since it was born. I find it exciting. And it kinda is the witness of my growth. LOL. And after so many years, I have more than one RS accounts. So I often sell runescape accounts.

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