27 August 2010

Annoying "adserving" advertisement pop up from Blog!

Recently i curious why every times open my blog also will pop up annoying advertisement which is the http://adserving.cpxinteractive.com. I’m also thinking about my visitors who get pissed off by the unwanted pop-ups brought about by my site but thankfully, it is not anything harmful. After ask Mr Google then i only know the culprit is the cbox!

If you use the free cbox will pop up advertisment from cbox!OMG....USD2.00 if wan use the premium cbox, is quiet expensive for me...I doesn’t earn much from my site..Hrm..i planing to change my chat box..Looking for a new chatbox...


Jessyca said...

hi R8Y~ Buaya Jess crawls over ur blog ^^

Hope ur pop-up problem is solved :)

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