03 June 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

I wish have "DIM SUM" to eat on flights!!!hahaha...look yummy....yummy....yummy

Chinese dishes are very popular in most Asian countries. After all, the Chinese as avid travelers and migrants since ancient times form substantial parts of every population in Asian countries.

They brought plenty of their favorites from back home and amalgamated them with local dishes. One of those favorites is Dim Sum, wish are light, but hard-to-describe delicacies, popular in all Asian countries from the Philippines, to Vietnam, Laos or Malaysia and Indonesia. Oh yeah, of course in Singapore with its 60% Chinese population as well.

Dim Sum derived from a Cantonese phrase meaning ‘a little token’ and describes little treasures of food, hidden away in small steamer baskets, various types of filled, steamed buns or plenty of little dishes served on small plates.

I hope the Dim Sum are served in flight with tea and can have a hearty, sweet or plain taste. Beside this i hope the servings are of small portions but with plenty of varieties.

It seems one of the goals is to try as many different tastes as possible in a very short time. Then can be ordered from a menu, chosen from a buffet or is wheeled around on trolleys by servers.

You can take what you like and pay only what you eat. Included are mainly rolls, paus, dumplings, meat balls, sweet desserts, cakes, tarts and puddings – in short an explosion of different forms, tastes and kinds of food.

If really serve in flight i think can bring out the Asia food to everyone know!!!!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!


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