23 May 2010

A fake statement in my Ewarga account..

Click on the picture to see more clear

This statement is for claim my medic cost from UKM, but i feel weird is "pelajar A123990 & A125262"?why they put metric number A123990 with my metric number together?is means A123990 claim the same medic cost and same type with me?is a nonsense statement..

Click on the picture to see more clear

This is the another funny statement they make. I want claim back my medic cost is total RM76. The amount i want claim back is correct.But why they first in RM45 then after that in RM78.50 to my account.Then total up is RM123.5, is more than the money i want claim back.But after that u can see the RM47.50 is deduce the RM123.5 to RM76, that the correct cost i wan to claim back...
Is very funny rite?
Overall all the funny statement I think is the UKM staff write the fake amount claim from kewangan UKM. After that the staff keep the exceed money in pocket. The mistake happen twice..especially the ghost metric number in my statement!funny rite?lolzzzz...
They eat money u never know...


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