07 February 2010

Facebook New Homepage

I like the latest new homepage layout of the facebook espeically the top menu it can easier to get to what's new and important and the and the left menu asier for you to find and discover content from friends, read your messages, see what your friends are up to, access applications and more.The overall feature is MAKE USER MORE EASIER TO USE and the rate i give is 7/10..Because the added of left menu and make the middle news feed become more small. I prefer the last time news feed layout is more bigger and easier to see.And i also very boring to see the left menu when no using.I prefer it can hide on the side.When wan using it only click out to use. +,+I still gt 1 curious things is some my friend facebook still nt yet update to new homepage. Why hv this such problem?

By Ray


Amanina said...

i love the previous one. it's easier for me.

but the latest looks so cool!

kenwooi said...

i still cant see the new layout =(


babybear said...

yalor....me oso de....nthg different!!!hehe

topo said...

kekok masa awal-awal dia tukar tu..
I cant find where's the notification.. =.="

M-Knight said...

I hate it when facebook keep changing the layout every 4 to 5 months.

Ray Yeap said...

Amanina :Ya...agree with u...love previous 1!!
kenwooi & babybear: i oso dun noe y sum dont hv update to new layout.
topo :haha...ya..i oso blur when 1st time use..
M-Knight: Ya..Facebook nid to do sum survey on user comment 1st oni change the layout.Cant oways change.

Thanks Ur all Comments!!

Nicholas C said...

I just got used to the last facebook homepage... stupid now they go change again grrrrr

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